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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? February 19th, 2008, posted by FofR

Well, here’s yet another casting rumor. This time it comes via Aint it Cool, Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool:

Well, today we can exclusively ask you… how about if Ryan Reynolds is playing [Deadpool]?

This one’s supposed to be a secret, but cat’s out of the bag now, Marvel. And I have to say… I think it sounds like fun. I know this has been a character you guys have been developing for years now (hell, I think I pitched a DEADPOOL film back in 2001), and Reynolds is absolutely the right guy for the job.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Wolverine movie?


Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in Wolverine Movie? February 19th, 2008, posted by FofR

Casting rumors are all the rage these days it seems. Superherohype are reporting via a spurious “my friend is excited” message board post that Taylor Kitsch has been cast as Gambit. Personally I am sceptical, and a lot of websites are passing this around as fact, which it is not. One thing’s for sure, he’s a dead ringer for the character.

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in Wolverine Movie?

Silver Fox now Lynn Collins? February 16th, 2008, posted by FofR

Third rumor of the day for you here, the IESB are now reporting that the role of Silver Fox is not going to the previously reported Maggie Q or Michelle Monaghan, but instead to Texan Lynn Collins. They have been wrong on two occasions previous so we have to certify this as nothing more than a rumor until we get some concrete evidence!

Lynn Collins (Number 23, Bug) has beat both beauties for the highly coveted role of Kayla Silverfox A.K.A. Silver Fox. We have been able to confirm the casting news with our sources at the studio.

Wolverine is finishing up its New Zealand shoot this weekend and will be headed to Australia early next week for the remainder of the production.

Lynn Collins as Silver Fox?

Danny Huston cast as Stryker? February 16th, 2008, posted by FofR

Joblo are exclusively reporting that the infamous young Stryker role, previously attached to Liev Schreiber and Michael C Hall could now have gone to one Danny Huston.

A source close to the production tells us that actor Danny Huston (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) has signed on to star as William Stryker in WOLVERINE and is already on location in New Zealand prepping for his part. Odd since I had heard that Hall also was in New Zealand but that could’ve just been rumors.

Danny Huston

Rhino Buggies and Christian Clark February 11th, 2008, posted by FofR

Here are a couple of small rumors for you to get your adamantium claws into,

Rhino Buggies

According to the Rhino Buggies build journal, Fox have purchased one of their extreme terrain vehicles for the Wolverine movie. It’ll look a little like this, but obviously customised,

Christian Clark

Christian Clark has accidentally revealed to the Adelaide Advertiser that he has been cast for the X-men Origins feature, although he did not reveal which character he shall play:

Clark is momentarily caught off-guard when I ask about Wolverine, and inadvertently confirms his involvement, before realising the gag order in his contract prevents him from doing so or talking about it any further. But one thing is certain – Clark has a big future planned.

Once again their has been some speculation about the Stryker role, but it is currently unfounded.

Christian Clark - Wolverine movie potential

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