SDCC’s Wolverine Trailer leaked online July 28th, 2008, posted by FofR

San Diego Comic Con’s X-men Origins trailer that we earlier described has been leaked online! Catch it whilst you can, because it will surely be removed very shortly. Get your first look at Gambit, Deadpool, The Blob and many more in this candid cinema-shot, but relatively decent quality, trailer leak.

And on YouTube:

Video from the Wolverine Carnival Set March 4th, 2008, posted by FofR

The Daily Telegraph have been on location at the Wolverine carnival shoot, covertly snapping shots of scenes filmed, making their own videos of the unfolding events and getting some expert images of Hugh Jackman dressed fairly casually.

Wolverine Carnival Picture Gallery:


Interesting Gavin Hood Video Interview November 2nd, 2007, posted by FofR

Reelz Channel have had a sit down talk with Wolverine (and Rendition) director Gavin Hood. The video provides an insightful look into Hood’s thoughts and processes, in particular how he feels about the Wolverine character and consequently how he plans to portray him. A must watch for any fan, this video inspires confidence.

Wolverine’s Director on MTV October 8th, 2007, posted by FofR

Gavin Hood has recently been chatting with MTV about his latest endeavour, the Wolverine movie. Videos only available in the US.

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