Promo Pics

New Wolverine promotional image July 6th, 2008, posted by FofR

Empire magazine contains a new promotional image of Wolverine in it’s latest issue, with Hugh Jackman looking moody once again for X-men Origins:

New Official Wolverine Images February 27th, 2008, posted by FofR

Empire have snagged up this picture, once again showing an angered Wolverine against a stone cold blue backdrop.

In other news, a Wolverine poster has been making the rounds on the blogs - this is however entirely fan created - I repeat - it is a fake, a very good one none the less:

Fan made Wolverine Poster

First Official Wolverine Image February 14th, 2008, posted by FofR

After our scoop on the first “Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine” image, USA Today have now released an official first look picture, showing Wolverine looking traditionally angry - although those adamantium claws look a little two fake around the knuckles for my liking (maybe its just the high contrast filter).

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