February, 2008

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Silver Fox now Lynn Collins? February 16th, 2008, posted by FofR

Third rumor of the day for you here, the IESB are now reporting that the role of Silver Fox is not going to the previously reported Maggie Q or Michelle Monaghan, but instead to Texan Lynn Collins. They have been wrong on two occasions previous so we have to certify this as nothing more than a rumor until we get some concrete evidence!

Lynn Collins (Number 23, Bug) has beat both beauties for the highly coveted role of Kayla Silverfox A.K.A. Silver Fox. We have been able to confirm the casting news with our sources at the studio.

Wolverine is finishing up its New Zealand shoot this weekend and will be headed to Australia early next week for the remainder of the production.

Lynn Collins as Silver Fox?

The Blob in Wolverine? February 16th, 2008, posted by FofR

Rumors are flying today in the world of Wolverine, currently situated in New Zealand. We’ve got another one for you from FilmSchoolRejects, with a report that a man in a Blob suit has been spotted on set. We’re still classifying this as a rumor for now - at least until we get our own pictures.

We got a note from someone who was on set this week while they shot test footage of an actor in a huge rubber suit for The Blob. The interesting part is that they made the suit to look like The Blob was about 800lbs, but producers want to make him bigger, something like 1200lbs. I did some research (as I am not too familiar with The Blob’s history) and I found that he was around 500lbs. originally.

The Blob

Danny Huston cast as Stryker? February 16th, 2008, posted by FofR

Joblo are exclusively reporting that the infamous young Stryker role, previously attached to Liev Schreiber and Michael C Hall could now have gone to one Danny Huston.

A source close to the production tells us that actor Danny Huston (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) has signed on to star as William Stryker in WOLVERINE and is already on location in New Zealand prepping for his part. Odd since I had heard that Hall also was in New Zealand but that could’ve just been rumors.

Danny Huston

First Official Wolverine Image February 14th, 2008, posted by FofR

After our scoop on the first “Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine” image, USA Today have now released an official first look picture, showing Wolverine looking traditionally angry - although those adamantium claws look a little two fake around the knuckles for my liking (maybe its just the high contrast filter).

First picture of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! February 12th, 2008, posted by FofR

Hugh Jackman preparing for Wolverine Movie

Here it is, our first shot of Hugh Jackman in the familiar leather clothing with those huge side-burns. This picture was taken in Queenstown and comes via the NZ site, reelcollectibles.co.nz

Thanks to Hugh for sharing this with us.

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