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The Blob in Wolverine? February 16th, 2008, posted by FofR

Rumors are flying today in the world of Wolverine, currently situated in New Zealand. We’ve got another one for you from FilmSchoolRejects, with a report that a man in a Blob suit has been spotted on set. We’re still classifying this as a rumor for now - at least until we get our own pictures.

We got a note from someone who was on set this week while they shot test footage of an actor in a huge rubber suit for The Blob. The interesting part is that they made the suit to look like The Blob was about 800lbs, but producers want to make him bigger, something like 1200lbs. I did some research (as I am not too familiar with The Blob’s history) and I found that he was around 500lbs. originally.

The Blob

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Kevin Duran rumored to play The Blob (X-men Origins: Wolverine - Movie Chronicles) February 23rd, 2008