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Set Reports, Jackman Sightings, Pictures February 11th, 2008, posted by FofR

Production on the Wolverine movie prequel is beginning to ramp up now and in the next few months we’ll begin to see some exciting new developments. As of yet there are no on-set pictures of Hugh Jackman, but to keep the juices flowing we’ll provide you with some more set reports and photos:

Travel Marla

“Saw Hugh Jackman running through the woods today in full Wolverine costume. Apparently he’s shooting a movie of the same name as the X-Men character. New Zealand is doubling as Canada.”

Kay’s Travel Blog

“There was a large crew [at Fangorn Forest] filming scenes from the new Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman is in town but we haven’t seen him.”

Movieweb are also getting in on the action - coming back with some updated pictures of the farm set, showing a fully constructed and ready to be destructed farm house,

The following is a series of images I was able to take from one of the Wolverine film sets. The images were taken from the set located in an area about 45 minutes outside of Queenstown, New Zealand. A side note of interesting information is that the hill located behind the barn is the same hill located behind Orthanc (the Isengard Tower in The Lord of the Rings Trillogy), as well as seconds away from locations where they filmed scenes from both The Chronicles of Narnia and Willow.

The barn was constructed several months ago and as far as I know was due to be blown up sometime during the week (something involving a helicopter!).

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