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Benioff says “movie will be fun” January 14th, 2008, posted by FofR

Not exactly what we want to hear, another phrase we don’t like the sound of is “no social relevance whatsoever“. In speaking with Rotten Tomatoes about Kite Runner, Wolverine writer David Benioff spoke of his work on the X-men franchise:

“I don’t know what the social importance is. I think sometimes there’s a real benefit in just going to see a movie and not having to worry about the real world for a while. For two hours, you can go and just have fun. I love movies like that. A movie like this [The Kite Runner] is sometimes what I want to see, and sometimes I just want to go and watch Hugh Jackman with claws fighting some other guy. I think they both have their place. Hopefully, that will have no social relevance whatsoever.”

Whatever Hood intends to do with it is out of Benioff’s hands: “I have never met him, actually.”

“I grew up a big Wolverine fan. I’ve been reading comic books since I was a little kid, and Wolverine was always my favorite comic book hero. I consider myself just as much of a fan as anyone else. I’m hopeful that that movie will make the fans happy.”

Fun usually ends up terrible, though we should remember the context of these comments - he is comparing Wolverine to The Kite Runner, a highly charged and socially relevant story set in Afghanistan.

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