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Brief Gavin Hood Interview October 2nd, 2007, posted by FofR

The IESB have recently spoken with Wolverine director Gavin Hood. The bitty jokey interview that really needs editing down reveals that filming should begin in December, and is expected to take up to 4 months - with shooting taking place down under.

Casting is still ongoing, and Hood states that we should expect to see a PG-13 creation.

SuperHeroHype also got in on the Hood action, revealing the director’s Greek mythology based opinions on Wolverine:

“What appeals to me about the Wolverine character of all the other characters is that my feeling that he’s the one that suffers from the most existential angst … I did some further research and I realized that the character of Wolverine, I think his great appeal lies in the fact that he’s someone who in some ways, is filled with a great deal of self-loathing by his own nature and he’s constantly at war with his own nature. It seemed to me that really what it is, is that it’s a little like great Greek mythology, which is something I’ve always been in love with where the Greek Gods threw thunderbolts and Poseidon conjured up storms, but those mythological stories were designed to examine emotional truths.”

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